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This website is to promote SAMLA and its activities to its members, and to facilitate honest and legitimate medico-legal activities, training and practice. The Board of SAMLA takes no responsibility for the opinions of its members and cannot be held responsible for any complaints against members as a result of their actions or advice. SAMLA reserves the right to withdraw membership in accordance with the terms should the member not be in good standing.

Participants who agree to participate in SAMLA courses agree to the following:

  1. Sponsors of SAMLA activities are expected to respect the independence of participants at SAMLA educational activities and are expected to fully agree that their support of any SAMLA activity is not conditional upon any obligation for a participant to use, recommend, promote or purchase the sponsors products.
  2. Any person who attends a SAMLA seminar must comply with any regulations including transparency and any laws or regulations (e.g., full attendance to obtain HPCSA points etc), and will read and agree to consent to SAMLA’s POPIA and PAIA policies.
  3. SAMLA reserves the right to cancel events up to 1 day before the appointed time if the minimum number of participants is not reached, unless a different cancellation period is specified. No matter what the reason for cancelling (e.g., the absence of the speaker, force majeure or other unforeseeable event), there is no right to demand that the event be held.
  4. Participants will be informed of the cancellation immediately via email.
  5. Although rare, if a particular speaker cannot be available for any reason, SAMLA has the right to substitute the speaker.
  6. All content of all presentations, and recordings and documents that are provided to participants are:
    1. the intellectual property of SAMLA provided the producer of the presentation and/or recording and/or other documents consents thereto.
    2. and may not be shared in part or whole without consent of SAMLA.
    3. Only the participant who registered for a course may use the videos, documents or any other information provided in a SAMLA educational activity. No recordings may be made of any SAMLA presentations.
  7. If payment is expected for a SAMLA educational activity, it is to be made to SAMLA, and no individual or organisation may accept payment unless there is a formal memorandum of agreement to this effect.
  8. SAMLA will offer certificates of attendance at a SAMLA Educational activity.
  9. SAMLA will offer HPCSA CPD certificates for attendances at SAMLA Educational activities provided the activity has been accredited by an appropriate accrediting body.

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The SAMLA is an independent, neutral, educational and transparent organisation not for profit, funded by membership contributions, donations and funds generated through seminars.

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