Categories of Membership

Academic Membership - Click here to register

This category is open to all academics, registered as such in the field of Law or Medicine (or allied medical faculty) at a registered tertiarty institution.

Full Member or Renewal - Click here to register

Membership may be applied for by the following professions: - Medical (registered with HPCSA) or Legal Practitioners. - Academics in Medicine or Law. - Students in Medicine or Law. - Forensic Scientists. - Associated Health-Care professionals (registered with HPCSA). - Professional employees in the Health or Legal Sector. - Accredited Mediators.

Honorary Life Members - Click here to register

Honorary memberships are awarded in recognition of exceptional service to SAMLA and special contributions to Medico-Legal Practice in South Africa: Prof SAS Strauss (Since the inception of SAMLS in 2000 – now deceased) Adv Pat van den Heever (deceased) Prof Charles Lautenbach (deceased) Dr Frank Snyckers (deceased). Dr/Adv Anton Van Den Bout (Founder of SAMLS) Judge Neels Claassen Prof JHR Becker.

Non-Member - Click here to register

Legal- or Healthcare professional (or student) not yet a SAMLA Member, wishing to attend a workshop or seminar.

Student - Click here to register

University students (under or postgraduate) registered at Faculty of Law or Medicine (including an allied medical faculty.) Proof of registration at a university is required.

Advantages of Membership

SAMLA welcomes interested female and male professionals from all race groups and experience levels to learn, share their expertise and sharpen their skills. Members interact on a safe platform, where health care practitioners and lawyers learn to understand one another. They meet experts in various specialised fields of medicine and law, share and discuss cases, find mentors and expand referral sources.

At SAMLA seminars and expert training sessions members encounter and discuss medico-legal challenges, controversies and ethics, as well as the science and law that applies to the medico-legal field. Presenters and attendees also obtain valuable CPD points.

Through regular participation, members enjoy the rich intellectual rewards that come from stimulating engagement with trained, wise and influential minds. SAMLA provides ample opportunities for contribution, recognition, influence and growth. Join our expanding base of thought leaders and build your competence in the challenging and rewarding field of medico-legal practice. 

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About Us

The SAMLA is an independent, neutral, educational and transparent organisation not for profit, funded by membership contributions, donations and funds generated through seminars.


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