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Please refer to the SAMLA Policy document with reference to the Registration as a Medico-Legal practitioner available at

  1. SAMLA provides the Register of Medico-Legal Practitioners as a service to the public, including state health authorities, professional indemnity insurers, the RAF and others who require the professional services of Medico-Legal Practitioners.
  2. This service is provided for reasons summarised in paragraphs 11 of the MOI (available here) and paragraphs 1 , 2  and 3 of the Policy.
  3. The Registered Medico-Legal Practitioners include Healthcare-, Legal- and Aligned Professional Practitioners, who are committed to contributing their professional services to furthering the cause of justice by ethical investigation and resolution of medical disputes, particularly personal injury- and clinical negligence disputes.
  4. As articulated in paragraph 4 of the Policy, the credentials of the SAMLA Registered Medico-Legal Practitioners have been verified by :
    1. Obtaining and storing copies of:
      1. The duly completed and signed application form, which includes acceptance of the provisions of the SAMLA MOI, as well as a pledge to act in accordance with the ethical standards of the SAMLA Code of Conduct;
      2. Proof of registration by the relevant Professional Registration Authority (e.g. LPC, HPCSA etc);
      3. Signed copy of the SAMLA Code of Conduct; and
      4. Curriculum vitae with identity document and recent photograph;
    2. Confirmation of:
      1. Membership of SAMLA in good standing; and
      2. Good standing with the relevant Professional Registration Authority.
    3. Proof of reasonable knowledge of the field by:
      1. Having passed the SAMLA/UCT Foundations Course in Medico-Legal Practice; OR
      2. Having qualified under the SAMLA RPL Policy which is articulated in paragraph 4.2 of the Policy
  5. By complying with the above, SAMLA Registered Medico-Legal Practitioners hold themselves to a high ethical standard, and subject themselves to disciplinary procedures if they fail to act in accordance therewith. In the event that a SAMLA Registered Medico-Legal Practitioners is considered to have acted unethically, any aggrieved party may lodge a complaint with SAMLA. In such cases the complaint will be referred to the SAMLA Disciplinary Panel, for hearing in accordance with the disciplinary policy as set out in paragraph 4.5 of the Policy.


  1. The SAMLA Register of Medico-Legal Practitioners is for information purposes only.
  2. Apart from verification in the terms set out above, SAMLA does not have the statutory authority to accredit any professional person. Any dissatisfaction with the professional conduct of a SAMLA Registered Medico-Legal Practitioner may naturally be referred to the applicable Professional Registration Authority.
  3. SAMLA is not responsible for, and expressly disclaims, all liability for damages of any kind, howsoever arising out of the conduct of any Medico-Legal Practitioner.
  4. SAMLA will not accept any liability in respect of the conduct of any Medico- Legal Practitioner, and such Medico-Legal Practitioner will be therefore personally liable for any damages and/or other liability arising therefrom.\ SAMLA accepts no liability for the actions, views and decisions of any Medico-Legal Practitioner, nor for the consequences of any actions taken by or against the Medico-Legal Practitioner.

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