Declaration of Interest by SAMLA Board Members

To be completed by each Board member on becoming a Board member and to be replaced if details change.

SAMLA proposed tiers of medico-legal practitioner registration

This document was distributed to members of SAMLA for their consideration. It is a set of PROPOSALS that have been approved by Board.

SAMLA application form for medico-legal practitioners

SAMLA Proxy form

Please use this form to provide another Member with your proxy and vote.

RAF Non Serious Injuries List

Draft letter to Claimaint attaching Form 4 (1)

RAF 5 Notification of dispute used after 31 July 2008

RAF 4 Serious Injury Assessment Form used after 31 July 2008

RAF 3 Accident Report Form used after 31 July 2008

RAF Form 1 Claim for Compensation and Medical Report (claims Prior to 1 August 2008)

RAF Form 3 Accident Report Form (claims Prior to 1 August 2008)

RAF Form 2 CLAIM BY SUPPLIER (claims Prior to 1 August 2008)

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