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SAMLA Gauteng Fireside Talk 22 July 2021 6pm on Zoom. For GAUTENG MEMBERS ONLY


The first of the Fireside Talks for Gauteng Memebrs will be on Zoom on 22 July 2021 at 6pm. Join us! The first one is free....

Join the SAMLA Gauteng Branch for an informative “Fireside Talk”. Invitations to these talks have been extended only to our Gauteng members. Due to the fact that we are no longer able to meet in person, the SAMLA Gauteng Branch has decided to host these talks, where a hypothetical medical negligence case will be presented and then discussed by the various medical and legal experts.


Click here to register on the SAMLA store


The first Fireside Talk will carry no cost to yourself as a member.

We are in the process of obtaining CPD accreditation for these monthly talks. Once these Case Discussions are accredited, the talks will carry a small cost.


Visit the SAMLA website to register and obtain the Zoom link for the first talk.

The Gauteng Branch look forward to hosting you and joining us in constantly improving our medico-legal knowledge.


Stacey Aires

Gauteng Chairperson


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