The Credentialing Committee of SAMLA

SAMLA, in recognising that there is no regulatory authority for healthcare and legal practitioners working in the medico-legal domain, has undertaken numerous activities in order to provide consumers of those services some assurance of acceptable standard of practice in the medico-legal domain.  Among these is the creation of a Register of Medico-Legal Practitioners, which is a register containing the names and details of professionals who have satisfied the minimum criteria, established and reviewed by their peers, for entry into that Register.

The criteria for entry into that Register were deliberated upon and authorised by the Board of SAMLA.

There are 2 possible pathways for entry into the Register.  The first is by completion of prescribed academic activities, while the second is via Recognition of Prior Learning. 

The Board of SAMLA also established the Credentialing Committee, a committee comprised of members from both the healthcare- and legal professions.

The Credentialing Committee considers applications for entry into the Register of Medico-Legal Practitioners via the Recognition of Prior Learning pathway.

The Credentialing Committee also considers applications for advancement into the next-higher tier of the Register.

The Credentialing Committee has an established procedure for applying its mind, and hence its informed discretion, to applications received by it.

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