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Surname Oberholster
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HPCSA Reg No OT 0024562
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Date Joined2021-05-18
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Cellphone Number 0823727689

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City/Town Port Elizabeth
Province Eastern Cape


Highest Education Level Occupational Therapist (Bachelors)


  • Occupational Therapist
  • Academic

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Fields of Interest Workplace Mental Health
Early return to work
Ethical Service Delivery
Short CV  
Nika Oberholster obtained her B. Occupational Therapy degree in 1993 at the University of Stellenbosch and worked in adult neurosurgery and neurology in South Africa and the United Kingdom. After returning from the UK, she worked as a paediatric occupational therapist for 19 years, focusing mainly on children with learning difficulties and developmental delays. During this time, she qualified as a sensory integration therapist and lectured for the South African Institute of Sensory Integration. Nika co-authored a series of 5 books with Alison Harris, an occupational therapist based in the United Kingdom, on topics including Autism, ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder. These books were published in the United Kingdom and each book includes a story for children on the relevant topic and advice sheets for caregivers. Nika was employed at a Skills Institute from 2014 – 2020, where the focus was on adults with physical or mental impairments in the Learnership arena. Nika headed up the Disability Management Unit and was instrumental in developing the assessment tools and intervention plans. She is passionate about advocating for persons with disabilities and their right to inclusion in the workplace. Nika has developed a guideline for employers and employees, based on the relevant South African legislation, to ensure that both the employer and employee understand the process of disability inclusion at work. She presented a poster at the World Federation of Occupational Therapists Conference in 2018 on inclusion in the workplace through the Individual Placement and Support Plan Model. Nika is collaborated with authors from diverse professional backgrounds namely law, psychiatry and occupational therapy, on an article to explore the nexus between South Africa’s constitutional and legislative context, employers and provision of health- and law- related services towards facilitating participation of persons with pscyho-social disability in work. The ideas presented in the article is designed to draw attention to issues that require consideration and to propose guiding principles practitioners can draw from. She has published articles in the South African Sensory Integration Newsletter. Nika also co- authored an article on “Supported employment in the disability field”, with Prof. C. Grobler, psychiatrist that was published in South African Psychiatry in 2018. Nika was interviewed twice on an SABC 2 talk show (Talk|Ability) as an expert on accessibility in the workplace as well as mental illness in the workplace. Nika is a facilitator for the Alzheimer’s Association in the Eastern Cape and her focus is on training and supporting caregivers of persons’ with Dementia. Nika is one of two i-act for positive mental health and wellbeing instructors in South Africa. She is currently the Sales Director for eReports South Africa. Nika strongly believes that disability is only another form of diversity and that the only way to facilitate an inclusive work environment for all is to ensure that the stigma around physical disabilities and mental ill health is addressed. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge to create an environment where every person feels free to put up their hand and ask for help without fear of discrimination.

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