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Surname Babulall
Gender Female
Nursing Council
Bar Council
Law Society LPCM 69675

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Date Joined2019-08-07
Available as an Expert Witness?Yes
Available as a Medico Legal Attorney?Yes
Available as an Medico Legal Advocate?No
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Samla Verified Medical Mediator

Samla Verified Medical Mediator?No
Health Sector Commercial Mediator?No
Technical Medico-Legal Mediator (Personal Injury)?No
Technical Medico-Legal Mediator (Clinical Negligence)?No
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I would like to be invited to observe Medical MediationsNo
I am willing to provide my services free of charge for pilot projectsNo
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Highest Education LevelMasters in Medical Law (LLM)(University of KwaZulu Natal) (Master's Degree)
Highest Education LevelBachelor of Laws (LLB)(University of KwaZulu Natal) (Bachelors)
Highest Education LevelBachelor of Laws (LLB)(University of KwaZulu Natal)(Other)


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Fields of InterestSpecialist Medical Ethicist, Medico-Legal & Forensic Medicine Practitioner
Short CV  

I am a SPECIALIST BIOETHICIST, MEDICO-LEGAL, FORENSIC MEDICINE PRACTITONER AND A DOCTORAL CANDIDATE CENTERING AROUND FORENSIC MEDICINE.During the past 15 years as a practitioner and as the Director of my own private practice I assist physicians and healthcare by providing guidance and advising on their day to day complexities in their medical practices or institutions. Further, I also assist with the more abstruse medical issues where I have shown a predilection for Palliative care patients, Persistent Vegetative State Patients (PVS) and Patients with brain death as I authored the research paper on Physician Assisted Suicide. I assist Physicians in the Management of such patients to ensure that their end of life journey is within the Medico-Legal parameters and to ensure patient dignity to the end. I have also graced various prominent public platforms and medical institutions by delivering academic briefings via webinars to hospitals on medico-legal and medical ethics content, expert interviews in relation to covid 19 on radio to the general public, various magazine cover recognitions and interview publications. I was interviewed as an Expert for medico-legal and medical ethics commentary for a documentary on current matters in South Africa on a global news network. Further, I was appointed to the Disciplinary Bodies of the KZN Provincial Council-Legal Practice Council. At present, my extensive involvement in the Covid-19 pandemic had been acknowledged with the Women of Wonder Award 2022 (‘WOW’ Award); Top 50 Influential Leaders in Business of South Africa 2022, Top 100 Indian Businesses in South Africa and the current Women of Wonder Top 50 Global Inspiring Icons 2023. These milestones have motivated me to pursue a Doctorate degree focusing on Public Health and Forensic Medicine.

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