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Title Dr
First Name Bradley     Send Email
Surname Beira
Gender Male
HPCSA Reg No 0402435

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Membership TypeFull Member or Renewal
Date Joined2017-03-20
Available as an Expert Witness?No
Accredited Mediator?No
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Work Tel No 0116864200
Work Address 360 Oak Lane
City/Town Johannesburg
Province Gauteng


Highest Education Level Masters Degree: Technology-Chiropractic (Master's Degree)
Highest Education Level Bcom:Law (Bachelors)
Highest Education Level Bcom:Law(Qualification Type Unknown)


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Fields of Interest Bioethics, access to care, provider and patient advocacy, affordability models for healthcare and health economics
Short CV  
I am a health system architect with a passionate supporter for access to care and believer in the balance of patient and practitioner advocacy. My involvement in healthcare has spanned 25 years and I have worked in private practice, on association executive committees, as a coopted member of statutory councils, in private and state hospitals and insurers at executive level in South Africa, Europe, and the Middle East

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