Foundations of Medico-Legal Practice

The Foundations in Medico-Legal Practice is a short course presented by SAMLA in association with UCT Law@Work. The course was developed by the Faculty of SAMLA, and has been accredited by UCT. SAMLA has recognised the need for the professionalisation of medico-legal work to promote ethical and competent medico-legal practice. To this end, Faculty created this ground-breaking course which comprises lectures presented by some of the leading medico-legal experts in South Africa.  The  goal of the Foundations Course is to provide professionals who are interested in, or who work in the medico-legal field,  knowledge about medico-legal law, practice, ethics, as well as information from the sciences that inform such practice. The course also  includes lectures on  logical reasoning which forms the basis of all medico-legal work.

The course was presented initially in 2018 in 5 venues nationally. The course was video recorded in its entirety and is available online. The course culminates in a multiple choice examination for those who wish to write it, and if the exam is passed successfully, the participant is furnished with a certificate from the Faculty of Law at UCT. 30 CPD points are awarded.

Please note that one cannot register or pay for this workshop on this website.    Azlyn Creative is the service provider that manages the administrative aspects of the SAMLA workshops. All registrations, payments, and access to the workshops is through

The course comprises 6 topics: 

Topic 1: South African Law Applicable to Personal Injury Litigation (15 lectures)

Topic 2: Ethical Conduct in Medico-Legal Practice (4 lectures)

Topic 3: Psychology and Communication in Medico-Legal Practice (4 lectures)

Topic 4: Logical Reasoning (3 lectures)

Topic 5: Medical Science Applicable to Medico-Legal Practice (7 lectures)

Topic 6: Other Sciences Applicable to Medico-Legal Practice (8 lectures)

Note that the next multiple choice exam is in March 2021.





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