Golden Thread Lectures

Purpose of the Course

Ethical conduct is the bedrock of any professional practice. SAMLA emphasizes the paramount importance of ethical conduct by all involved in medico-legal practice.

The only legitimate reason for lawyers and expert witnesses to be paid for the provision of professional medico-legal services, is to assist the Courts and ADR processes to reach fair and just adjudication or settlement of medical disputes.

Fair and just adjudication or settlement of medical disputes is hampered by any form of unethical conduct, which at best leads to wasteful and unnecessarily costly litigation, and at worst to unfair and unjust outcomes. There can be no legitimate role for unethical professionals.

All professionals should commit to ethical conduct and should strive to maintain and enhance their ethical standards. In addition to the rich rewards of personal satisfaction, ethical conduct attracts respect and admiration. Ethical conduct also keeps the practitioner safe from adverse findings and from prosecution for negligent harm.

The purpose of this group of lectures is to enhance the motivation of all to want to be ethical, and to discuss the most important aspects of morality and ethics that are relevant to medico-legal practice.


Lecture 6 – GOLDEN THREAD LECTURE: Analytic Scientific Reasoning

Lecture 7 – GOLDEN THREAD LECTURE: Academic Report Writing

Lecture 13 – GOLDEN THREAD LECTURE: Ethical Perspectives on the Role of Expert witnesses in assisting Honorable Judges in the Compensation of persons affected by Psychological Consequences of Accidents or Constitutional damages

Lecture 23 – Golden Thread Lecture: Post Modernism in Medico-Legal Practice

Lecture 24 – Golden Thread Lecture: Observational/Research Scientific Reasoning

Lecture 46 – Golden Thread Lecture: Ethics of Mediation and Litigation


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