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Strong foundations have been laid

The Foundations Course got off to a roaring start with approximately 300 attendees in the five venues - Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein.

The day got magnificent feedback from participants and here is what some of the lecturers had to say:

     All of you, all I can say is WOW and WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT!! -John Mullins.

     Congratulations with the birth of Samla Course 1. Happy to report the firstborn was received at Bloemfontein in good health and bears remarkable                    resemblance to transformation objective stated. Beautiful freckles of innovation,excellence and interaction between the professions were observed. Good luck with teething etc.Well done everyone. Simunye. Johan Jordaan

    Absolutely ! Herman's baby born with an Apgar score of 10/10 !! Excellent lectures ..learned a lot today too. Congratulations to all involved getting this baby into the world !! - Anton van den Bout

To all my brothers and sisters in both professions, thank you for your contributions in making the ideals of the organisation a reality. Best wishes Henry

     What is an Apgar count? - Neels

     The breathing assessment which is scored and which is used in the assessment and further treatment of the breathing efficiency of new-born infants - Frank           Snyckers

 Judge Neels Claassen wrote:

As Chairperson of the Faculty, it gives me great pleasure to thank everyone who participated in Day 1 of the Foundational Course in Medico Legal Practice. Well done to all participants. Herman, your visionary leadership and perseverance against many odds, deserves our gratitude and admiration. You have become indispensable for the Faculty and SAMLA at large. We are all proud of you and appreciate your energy and hard work.

Lucille, you have been a stalwart and the backbone of the administration of and communicating with all concerned in setting up and arranging this spectacular event. Herman expressed our appreciation at the event in your absence most eloquently and I wish to associate myself with his remarks.

Then there is UCT Law @ work who have supplied the academic and administrative expertise to make this course viable and respectable in the eyes of the students and stake holders in the medico-legal field. Other academic institutions failed us but you saw and accepted the viability and vision of the course and it’s benefits as a service to the public in general. Irena Wasserfall, you have been a very competent guide to all of us as we ventured into this exciting new adventure. Thank you for your most dependable and trustworthy leadership.

Ashleigh and Herman Quartus, our debt to you for your technical skills and expertise cannot be expressed in words. Despite a few teething problems which you managed to overcome without difficulty, your service “with a smile” coloured the atmosphere with a sense of security and well-being. It has induced our confidence in your capabilities and expertise. Thank you for your hard work and we look forward to the rest of the course assisted by you and your entire team of excellent technicians around the country.

Then to each of our well qualified and respected lecturers, Prof Govindjee, Henry Lerm, Prof Hennie Klopper, John Mullins and Albert Lamey, thank you so much for the hard work and energy you expended in preparing your lectures and Power Point presentations. The enthusiastic responses of the students during the Q&A sessions are indicative of the excellence and value of your contributions. We owe you a deep measure of gratitude.

To all others who participated in making Day 1 such a success, thank you for your selfless service! We depend on you all for the success of the remainder of the course.

Met groot dank en waardering.

Neels Claassen


Press Report- Herald Newspaper, Port Elizabeth 29 January 2018




Free State
Port Elizabeth

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