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The Western Cape branch of SAMLA is dedicating 2017 to the Crisis that is CP/HIE Litigation.

"Dear SAMLA Members and Interested parties

The Western Cape branch of SAMLA is dedicating 2017 to the Crisis that is CP/HIE Litigation.  The Department of Health's coffers are empty and the Obstetricians have become uninsurable due to the number of "CP cases"  and the extremely high sums paid to litigants.

SAMLA, in conjunction with SASOG and Mediation in Motion, have enlisted the top specialists in their fields who have been briefed to present not only on the facts of the cause of CP but also propose solutions. 


The Seminar will span 3 days:

Day 1: Causes of CP/HIE from the perspective of the Midwife, Obstetrician, Foetal Scanning Specialist, Neonatologist, and Paediatric Neurologist;

Day 2: Will explore how these cases can be mediated, and what alternative options there may be to the current quantification of damages; 

Day 3 will look at alternative treatment options for the CP/HIE child and also explore the damages suffered by the mother after traumatic birth.  Further particularity on the exact content of Day 3 will be forthcoming in August as the date for this seminar will be 8 September 2017.


We hope to see you at this innovative seminar for a lively debate which we hope will fuel different ways of managing this crisis.

Please see Seminars to participate.


See you there!"

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