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SAMLA Board Statement – encouraging moral and ethical practice

SAMLA Board Statement – encouraging moral and ethical practice


A serious case of racial harassment of a junior doctor in an academic hospital has recently been brought to our attention. We note that the matter is being attended tp by the HPCSA.

SAMLA, as an organisation, has no disciplinary function or intention. However, we are committed to moral-, ethical- and legal practice. As per our mission statement, the goal of SAMLA is to:

"Advance the Inter-Relationships between Medicine and Law" and to "Promote Excellence in Medico-Legal Practice", by " Promoting Dialogue and Mutual Understanding between Members of the Involved Professions, guided by "Justice, Ethical Practice and Constitutional Values". 

It is therefore with dismay that we take note of the allegations in this case. We urge all our members to reflect and to continue to conduct themselves at a standard befitting our noble professions.

We also invite all members and non-members in the medico-legal field to participate in our training- and seminar programmes.

SAMLA is committed to your excellence – are you?

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